LRBG understands that
we all play an important role in

creating and protecting a healthy environment

Sustained economic development with environmental care

With smart resource management, continuous analysis and process improvements along with a healthy work environment, we do our part in protecting our planet.

Clear environmental goals

We aim to reduce our environmental impact by setting clear, specific goals and utilizing the right management and resources to achieve them. Our team is flexible, alert and always ready to adjust to meet changing customer needs and regulations.

We promote employee awareness and training in their environmental responsibilities, while fostering participation in environmental management. Our entire team is committed from top to bottom.

Using things right

LRBG strives to use all resources to their best value. Whether it’s people, natural resources or even funds, our goal is to use assets intelligently, where they can best perform and provide results that will serve everyone involved.

When waste minimizes the use of resources

Our facilities produce very little waste or byproducts to the environment due to our production efficiencies, as well as our ability to use waste byproducts in other production streams.

The resin industry exists to minimize use of virgin material (lumber, paper, etc) by allowing joints and engineered versions of waste material to be used as products. For instance, if a tree is cut down to make 10 boards, there are wastes (bark, dust, chips, unused strips of wood). With resin technology, this same tree can yield 10 boards + 2 other boards that are made of waste materials and resins. While this example is not exact math, it serves to explain what we mean by using wastes to minimize the use of resources.

Collaborative co-creation and constant compliance checks

Certified compliance

  • ISO 14001 certified for environmental standards
  • ISO 9001:2015 compliance
  • CARB 2 Compliance (California Air Resources Board) approved : A standard for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, including hardwood plywood (HWPW), particleboard (PB), and medium density fiberboard (MDF). The intention of CARB2 compliance is to set standards for products that could impact the indoor air health quality of any interior spaces.”
Sustainable development

Knowledge and experience to create better solutions

LRBG Chemicals works with their customers by using extensive experience and knowledge to create resin solutions.

We encourage and support research to improve our ability to protect the environment. Maintaining public health and safety matters, and we strive for the virtual elimination of any persistent toxic emissions from our operations.

New technologies are implemented to conserve, recycle and renew utilized resources.

We also work and consult with governments and the public for the development of regulations and policies based on sound, socially acceptable, and economically achievable technologies and the analysis of environmental and health impacts.

Health & safety as environmental concerns

LRBG continually meets or exceeds regulatory standards in the health and safety of its employees.
We also implement programs and procedures to prevent emergency situations and minimize the consequences by ensuring effective preparedness and response.

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