For your veneer splicing operations

Tapeless Splicer Adhesives

that meet a broad range of demands

Tapeless Splicer Adhesives

Our series of splicer adhesives are formulated to meet a broad range of demands for veneer splicing operations. LRBG Chemicals is the only producer of powdered adhesives with the ability to control intermediate components at the manufacturing level. These adhesives are lightly pigmented and color can easily be adjusted to any desired tint.

We have a highly efficient distribution network that services all your requirements.

LRBG Chemicals current splicer adhesives

S440 An internally catalyzed UF adhesive system designed for tapeless splicing of veneers on a wide variety of machines. Formulated for applications where a fast cure speed is required and offers a long carry time after application. More info
S313 A melamine fortified internally catalyzed UF powder adhesive designed for tapeless splicing veneers with straight-through and cross feed splicing machines. More info
S315 A versatile internally catalyzed UF adhesive designed for a wide variety of tapeless splicing machines. Combined with our R12 retarder, this adhesive can be tuned to bond virtually any species on machines with press times ranging from sub-seconds to minutes. More info

We have the ability to develop splicer adhesives adapted to your specific requirements.