When extra glue line strength is needed…

Opt for our
Melamine-Urea Powdered Resins

Offering superior adhesive quality

Spray-Dried Melamine-Urea Powdered Resins

When a strong and flexible wood joint adhesive is required, LRBG Chemicals melamine-urea powdered resins are the products to choose. They are designed for high water and solvent resistance, as well as superior adhesive quality.

As binders in diamond wheels used to cut and bevel glass, our melamine-urea powdered resin is unsurpassed. The resin gives the abrasive a consistency that allows for a more even wear, and a durability that lengthens the useful life of the cutting wheel.

Examples of applications:

  • Truck flooring
  • Binder for diamond wheel abrasives
  • Cargo container flooring
  • Laminated wood structures

LRBG Chemicals spray-dried melamine-urea resins are used as wood binders in hot press or high frequency systems. When blended with our specially designed catalysts, our resins can maintain a longer working pot life while creating a faster set time when under heat. These resins have had excellent success in joint gluing of truck flooring and rail decking, and other laminated wood structures.

LRBG Chemicals current melamine-urea resins

MUF 400 Resin binder used for flooring in hot press or high frequency systems. Meets Commercial standard Spec. SC253-63. Has a fast cure and low electrical arcing. Used extensively by the laminated truck flooring and container flooring manufacturers worldwide. More info
I-25 Catalyst When blended with BTLMU 400, it maintains a longer working pot life while catalyzing a faster set time when under heat. More info
MUF 1-182 This MUF resin contains no wood flour. It is used as a binder in the production of grinding wheels and abrasives.
MUF 400PC Pre-catalyzed MUF powdered resin More info

We can always develop a specific resin that suits your needs. We’re there if you wish to have a quote or additional information about our resins.