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Melamine Powdered Resins

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Spray-Dried Melamine Powdered Resins

LRBG Chemicals spray-dried melamine resins are used to impregnate overlay papers, as well as print and solid color papers used in the decorative laminate industry.

Pastel colored moldings with high wear resistance can be produced for furniture such as school desk tops as well as chair seats and backs.

When used as wood adhesives, melamine resins produce a light colored, waterproof glue line for edge gluing of lumber, and splicing of veneers. Our spray-dried melamine resin products meet all specifications by steam heat or high frequency curing.

Examples of applications:

  • Compression molding resin for hard plastic school furniture and dishware
  • Upgrading bond quality of plywood and chipboard glue used in exterior applications
  • Post forming resins for paper, cloth, cellulosic
  • Fiberglass mat impregnation resin

LRBG Chemicals melamine powdered resins produce a final product that is durable, waterproof, solvent resistant and heat, flame and fire resistant.

LRBG Chemicals current melamine resins

MF 304 Wood bonding and adhesive. Can be used to fortify urea resin to increase environment, moisture resistance of plywood and particle board. It is also used to strengthen ceiling tiles to prevent sagging.
MF 412 A fast-curing plasticized resin designed to impregnate pattern overlay and paper for decorative laminates. Post forming ability is a plus.
MF 415 This resin is primarily designed for paper lamination, but is also used to impregnate cloth, synthetic or glass fibers. It can be used as a water-resistant thermosetting binder and in compression wood flour molding to make school furniture. This resin has successfully been used as a plaster modifier to enhance strength and environment resistance.
MF 430 A fast-curing plasticized resin used to impregnate pattern and overlay sheets for decorative laminates.
MF 812 Designed as a binder for granulated wood compression molding. Resin has very little color and helps resist color changes of dyes due to UV exposure.
MF 817 When blended with water, it has good penetration into pattern sheets for decorative laminates. Also, is highly recommended for use in the abrasive industry, as a binder for precision diamond cutting wheels, and as a modifier of phenolic resins used in sandpaper production.
MF 819 Designed for glass cloth laminates needing a NEMA Grade 5 performance. (Highly mechanical strength, high electric arc resistance.) Meets UL 94 V-O specifications. Also can be used for molding needing a Grade 5.
MF 829 A slightly plasticized resin designed not to contain any reaction catalyst ion to carry electrical charges. Used in glass fabric laminate that needs NEMA Grade 9 electrical performance.
MF 836 Heavily plasticized melamine resin to be used for overlay paper and decorative laminates that require some flexibility.
MF 860 Our lowest formaldehyde fuming MF powder resin. Designed for adhesive and thermoset coating applications, it is used by the ceiling tile industry in strengthening coatings.
304 PCB Pre-catalyzed MF powdered resin

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