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Resins made just for you
Chances are, if you need resin, you also have specific processes and operating conditions that require customization of the product. In dealing with LRBG Chemicals, you’re getting:

  • Specialized chemistry for your specific process characteristics and requirements
  • Custom-engineered OSB resins to best suit your mill’s specific, targeted press cycle times and feedstock materials
  • High level of responsiveness for your process issues and modifications
  • Extremely low formaldehyde emissions once the resin is completely cured

Our “resole” type phenolic resins are manufactured in Longueuil, Quebec.

phenolic resin used for insulationSold in liquid form, they’re used primarily for:

  • adhesives for OSB
  • hardboard
  • fiberglass
  • insulation
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • external grade particleboard
  • abrasives

Liquids are transported by tanker truck, with an effective service area.

ULEF resins (specialty amino resins)

Specialty phenolic resins

Phenolic resins for OSB

PRF resins

LRBG Chemicals PRF resins (Phenol-Resorcinol-Formaldehyde) are made at our plant in Longueuil, Quebec and with the addition of our external catalyst, provides a strong waterproof bond to wood substrates for structural applications or EWP (Engineered Wood Products) such as the production of laminated wood beams and exterior grade Glulam beams. Our product is also ASTM and CCMC certified, meeting the highest industry quality standards.

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