Want more control over the reaction speed of your resin?

Custom-designed catalysts
help manage time.

And time, as we all know, is money.

We know catalysts so you’ll get the desired effect

The right catalyst changes how your resin reacts and ultimately makes an important difference for your products. Though they don’t add to bonding strength, catalysts have an impact on how your resin is going to perform for you.

Manage time

Whether you want your resin to react faster or slower, it’s all about understanding chemistry and having the experience to know what the ideal composition will be.

Controlled conditions

Our team understands the scope of possible reactions and knows how to contrôle conditions so you get the desired effect.

We match what you need

It’s not a cookie-cutter business for us. As a customer, you have unique needs and specific situations that need to be addressed. This is where we excel. Finding the right catalyst for an effect that improves your timeline, productivity and overall results.

Questions regarding our catalysts?