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Thermosetting resins and formaldehyde that match your specific needs.

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Superior quality resins sold with exceptional service

LRBG Chemicals is a custom manufacturer of liquid phenolic resins, amino resins and amino spray-dried powdered resins which are used as adhesives in a wide variety of applications. Whether used in OSB, plywood, particleboard, insulation, brake lining, school furniture, truck flooring, veneers or concrete, our adhesives add strength, durability, and superior performance to a diverse range of products in countries all around the world.

Powdered resins

LRBG Chemicals (USA) offers melamine powdered resin, melamine-urea powdered resins and urea powdered resins. Trust our solutions for proven durability.

Liquid resins

We manufacture ‘resole’ type phenolic resins with specialized chemistry, primarily for adhesives for OSB, hardboard, laminates, fiberglass, insulation, door skins and abrasives. We also manufacture amino type resins (Urea Formaldehyde Resins) containing very low formaldehyde emissions (CARB 2 certified) for various industries including plywood and particleboard.


Used to produce decorative melamine surfaces for furniture, flooring, buildings and vehicles. Specialty resins, molding compounds, disinfectants, concrete plasticizers and dispersant agents also use this product.


Fast, responsive, human interaction to get things done

We’ve made it our mission to meet or exceed customer needs for the past 35 years. Our staff is 100% committed to innovation, superior quality and serving our customers with the dedication it takes to get things right.

Our Canadian branch specializes in liquid resins, while our American branch, located in Toledo, Ohio develops powdered resins. Both work closely with customers to develop products that meet their specific adhesive needs.
We package, store and deliver these resins, according to our customers’ specifications.

Our products, our people and our pledge to serve our customers make LRBG Chemicals the best choice for powdered or liquid resins.


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We care about people

and about the planet

Here are some concrete ways we do our part:

  • Surpassing government standards issued by Canada and the US with regards to formaldehyde emissions and other chemical compositions.
  • Investing in research and development to constantly improve how and what we produce
  • Reducing deforestation through clever adhesive manufacturing
  • Manufacturing sustainable products
  • Developing packaging solutions that reduce waste and optimize efficiency
Sustainable development


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